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The "Moku-so" before the ideomotoric training

A colourful and spatial image of a future action starts with getting one's mind into the state of "mental silence". In Japan the traditional Moku-so meditation with eyes closed is practiced. The meditation itself is a very complicated for perception and contradictory in terms of goals process. We are more interested in achieving the state of complete relaxation and discharge of thoughts - the mental silence, which is also called "wiping dust off the mirror". To make the relaxation faster and achieve the condition of the mental silence, the short "tanki" or "haiku" verses are traditionally used. These verses have different quantity of lines, but are close in purpose. This purpose is to stimulate the state of isolation by a short graphic phrase. Here are some interesting examples of such verses:

The summer has gone to the south
As if it even wasn't here
The birds have gone with the summer
The autumn is almost here

The eternity is in the water
Of a slow black bird's eyes

The burden of whirlpool is gray
It is just the water for fish
The sighs of the air try
To tear up all flags and sails

Every offence will leave
A scar of the knowledge
Every joy will steal
A treasure of something important

There's a bird in the sky
There's a fish in the sea
And some stones in the field
And over my head
There are some green leaves
I wish I could see all these at once
But I feel like I don't have to try

A door opened up in the childhood
Is only the start of the road
The stone on the grave is
Not where the road ends

A leaf of a tree is free
To go anywhere with the wind
The leaf is away but the tree
Stays here forever

A fish isn't taught how to swim
A beast isn't taught how to jump
No one will teach you those things
Which you have known from your birth

A gray early morning has opened
Its eyelids closed tight with the ice
The air is clear and cold
It plays with our breathes outside

Growing older
You get being old
Or some wisdom
Or maybe some pain
Growing older you'll get
What you want

The waves crash the stones
On the shore
The fury of storm and the ocean
Is in these salty waters
And in this roar

One can't get happy by going somewhere
Only by taking something with him

Tomorrow turns into today
And in its turn it turns away
And then today comes back again
But in tomorrow's way

The scream of a bird flying by
Seems familiar because It's my old friend's goodbye

The splashes of rice are in the old woman's hands
Another summer has gone







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