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The religious disagreements in teaching Eastern fighting arts.

The most important part of preparing a fighter is the psychological training, namely teaching the ways of controlling one's psychics. And in this important part of training the main contradictions are found. The East has undoubtedly achieved great results in self-control and hypnosis.


The Japanese tradition in conducting a bout.

Iai-jutsu, the art of committing the first blow, is a very significant example of the Japanese manner of fighting. This way of conducting a bout was instantaneous and aggressive, when a samurai went from a sitting (relaxed) condition to an explosive attack (the concentration).


The "Moku-so" before the ideomotoric training.

A colourful and spatial image of a future action starts with getting one's mind into the state of "mental silence". In Japan the traditional Moku-so meditation with eyes closed is practiced.


The attacking tactic in Koi no takinobori ryu.

Nowadays there are some sports techniques oriented towards the primary use of attacking actions. These are Kekushinkai, Ashihara-karate, Daido-Juku, and also all kinds of wrestling. That is why it is essential to systematize attacking techniques.


Koi no takinobori ryu personal karate technique.

Subconsciously, during a long period of time a sportsman polishes those movements which are the most appropriate to his bio-mechanic model and type of behavior. To be precise, it is obvious that a fighter wins namely due to these individual traits and the degree to which he realizes these traits.


The attitude towards pain as a factor in forming the fighting spirit.

Considering the numerous experiments, sportsmen's and coaches' opinion poll and personal practical experience, we will try to show the relevance of failures to the pain tolerance of a sportsman.







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