Applied section of Koi no takinobori ryu

The purpose of the given section to show necessity and opportunity creation of a general training technique of a special divisions and commercial security services.


Basic conceptions

Applied section

Work plan

Competitions rules



Guest book



Subject-matter of applied section.


Sports and applied sections follow Koi no takinobori ryu.

We have already mentioned that sports and real bouts have few traits in common. Those things which are forbidden in sports are the major technique in the applied section. What is the reason for that?


The tactical direction of fighting in Koi no takinobori ryu.

A particular tactical task dictates the choice of technical arsenal. As a sample, we will examine the sequence of actions within the following applied tactical tasks: Neutralization of the adversary.


The ways of forming and the practical use of psycho-tactics.

Psycho-tactics is a part of training forming non-stereotypical style of fighting, the contents of which are controlled by the organs of sensation and the strategic task is set during the preliminary psycho-training.


Koi no takinobori ryu self-control techniques.

While getting individual psycho-training a sportsman should choose a phantom substitution which consists of bright impressions from personal background, or make up a creature which has some clear qualities, outstanding abilities and which is friendly to the user.


The knife, a unique weapon of infighting.

There are plenty of tactical tasks impossible or hard to realize without a combat knife.







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