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Kakuto karate Koi no takinobori ryu is a modern direction of the full-contact karate which uses a wide arsenal of technical and tactical techniques for victory. The basic difference from traditional karate schools is in the original, extremely rigid methods of training which are used for the full realization of one's individual abilities. These methods were created on the base of research and adaptation of the experience of the old Japanese martial schools to modern conditions and application of the newest techniques.

Sports bouts at Koi no takinobori ryu rules are held with the use of protecting equipment (6 mm hand protectors, a groin protector and a gum shield) and nowadays are the most unlimited kind of full contact bouts. This kind of karate is a professional one and is not intended for general public.

The sportsmen of this style are also very successful in Muay-thai, all types of full-contact karate and wrestling. The training goes in two directions: sports training in above-mentioned sports, and practical. The latter studies techniques, psychology and tactics of real fighting and also the use of modern weapons for tactical purposes. A special role is given to psychological training, which is oriented to the suppression of the opponent.


The methodical and research base of the International union kakuto karate Koi no takinobori ryu (IUKKK) in Russia is the Applied Research Centre created within the collaboration of the IUKKK,, the department of Special Martial Combat and Obstacles Surmounting of the Military Institute of Physical Training and the International Institute of Qualification Improvement.

The Applied Research Centre creates the newest methods of training professional sportsmen. It also works on tactics and technique of the use of the combat knife, all kinds of fire-arms, as well as tactics of actions of soldiers of special forces.

The strategic direction of all elements of training in the IUKKK reads as follows:"Victory at any price!".







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