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Film 1. The Combat Knife.

The video tells about the results of the latest methodical research in teaching the use of a knife in fighting. The basic purpose of the research was to help gain better results in real action by choosing a right technique to stab the enemy hard and treat him rigidly.

The use of the knife in "Koi no takinobori ryu" style can be characterized as a mixture of applied tactics and a powerful forcible technique to wipe out the enemy.

Age limit - 18.

Film 2. The Special Martial Combat.

This video is an educational aid to help in preparing special sub-units of Russian Army for action. The film in a rigid way demonstrates the strategic direction of the latest works of "The Applied Research Center" in the sphere of fighting without weapons.

A special blow technique is demonstrated here, as well as both active and passive safety systems. There are also some tactic examples of capturing a person who has the access to confidential information and also of ways to prevent such potential capture.

We strictly recommend NOT to repeat the exercises shown in the video, unless controlled by a qualified instructor, since they can cause danger to life.

Age limit - 18.

Film 3. Victory At Any Price!

The film shows some original methods in preparing a professional sportsman in contact kinds of fighting, which can be used in individual training in "Koi no takinobori ryu".

We also demonstrate some uniquely selected techniques and tactical directions, as well as ways of psychological and special physical training. All of these are developed, approved and introduced by the specialists of this fighting school, and being used in training professional sportsmen within Muay Thai, special martial combat, alternative fighting, wrestling, all kinds of full contact karate, and of course within "Koi no takinobori ryu".

Film 4. The Special Practice With A Gun.

The manual for the instructors and teachers of combat preparation of special divisions for the Russian army.

The video demonstrates the wideness of tactic tasks faced by a special sub-unit soldier armed with a gun. This educational supply is based on the works of "The Applied Research Centre" in the area of tactic and technical training of handling a large-calibre pistol.

Age limit - 18.







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