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The target zones in Koi no takinobori ryu.

We would like to note that, to a certain degree, the target zones, are determined by the competition rules and by the uniforms of the fighters

Sports section.

In this section we will examine "Koi no takinobori ryu" bouts, for, nowadays, this kind of sports bouts is the most unlimited. We would like to remind that the "Koi no takinobori ryu" bout is conducted in full contact, often in the open-weight category, and with no protectors, but a groin shield and gloves, if desired.

The only limitations during a bout are: not to seize the opponent by the hair, and not to hit him in the neck, back or the back of the head. So, since "everything not forbidden is permitted", we can calculate that all the other blows and grips can be used. This gives us a wide choice of tactic activities.

Considering the competition experience we can note that the blows and kicks in the head and in the hips usually prevail. This narrowness of technical actions is surprising considering the wideness of choice. It is amazing, that the fighters do not use such powerful technique as direct punches in the heart and plexus area, which can easily cause a knock-out.

Here are some other legal techniques which can help disable the opponent:

  • A punch in a lower fastening of a deltoid muscle;
  • A punch in the left hand;
  • Painful techniques on hands;
  • Painful techniques on fingers;
  • Painful techniques on elbows;
  • A blow in a triceps base by the forearm or by the knee;
  • Punches in the inside of the upper arm or in the arm-pit.

The opponent's hands and arms are the easiest parts of body to reach. And since they have a lot of nerve-centres and copulas, they become a very attractive target. Hands and arms as a target are especially important in positional fighting when both sportsmen prefer to have a certain distance between them. In this situation a shocking punch on the opponent's hand can make a good attack start. We might not forget that blows on the hands should be extremely powerful and trenchant to cause a serious harm. We should also remember that, as a rule, a blow on the hands can be committed only once. As for painful techniques on elbows and hands, - here we have a wide variety of technical actions which have even made separate fighting styles such as Aikido, Jujitsu and Hapkido. The importance of the painful techniques on hands and elbows is that under certain conditions they can be committed even on guard. Usually, the opponent is not prepared for this kind of actions, which enlarges the tactic abilities.







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