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Conferment of sports ranks.

The rating of a sportsman is appealed to reflect visually his progress in the course of mastering the fighting art. Moreover, this awarding stimulates achievement of higher results. It is a pity that at a lot of fighting schools Ku-awarding is a very formal, not practical, and Dan-awarding generally depends on reasons not connected with real fighting abilities of a particular sportsman or a coach. In this connection, and also considering professional direction of the school development, it would be reasonable to introduce the following classification program:

2 Ku (the Green Belt) - for conquering a city championship in contact kinds of fighting arts;

1 Ku (the Brown Belt) - for conquering a regional championship or a championship held by the central council of a particular sports society;

1 Dan - for taking a prize in a national or international championship, or for merits in school development;

2 Dan - for taking a prize in three national and up championships, or for taking the first place in the national or professional list;

3 Dan - for taking a prize in the World or European Cup in contact kinds of fighting arts, or for methodical merits in the sports development;

4 Dan - for outstanding sports merits, or for preparing a 1 Dan sportsman;

5 Dan - for introducing new training techniques, or for preparing a 2 Dan sportsman;

6-9 Dan - for special merits, or for preparing 1-6 Dan sportsmen.

4-9 Dan awarding negotiating is conducted every year and should not be a kind of populism, but in contrast should show real merits of a sportsman or a coach in the school and sports development.







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