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Koi no takinobori ryu kakuto karate


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How to choose the winner. The total rating.

  1. The events are held within the Olympic system in three weight categories: under-65 kg; under-75 kg; over-75 kg; or in the absolute weight category.
  2. When summing up the results only one winner is chosen. The others are included on the list, according to the quantity of their wins and points collected.
  3. Dan sports class is awarded if:
    • The event has national and up status;
    • The sportsman has won at least 5 fights;
    • The sportsman is number 1-3 on the list;
    • The decision on awarding Dan is made by the attestation committee which consists of 3 members approved by voting. The awarding is made only if the committee members are unanimous.







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