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Koi no takinobori ryu kakuto karate


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Brief competition rules.

  1. The full contact knock-down rule: the blows with hands and legs should be placed directly on the opponent's body.
  2. Bouts are conducted with empty hands and barefooted. The groin protector and gum-shield are obligatory, whereas the gloves can be used if desired.
  3. The competition is not interrupted after every point and scoring is made after finishing the competition.
  4. The ground wrestling can take place only thrice not longer than 20 sec each time, but during the extra-time it is unlimited, as well as while a locking or a strangulation technique is being used, though it depends on the referee.
    The winner's points are:
    • one-blow victory (ippon) counts  4 points;
    • victory on skills (waza-ari) counts  2 points;
    • victory on effectiveness of methods (yuko) counts  1 point.
  5. When it is decided to prolong a bout the desires of both opponents are regarded.







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