Competitions rules of
Koi no takinobori ryu kakuto karate.


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  1. The participants pay the membership fee disregarding their relation to the federation. The rate of the fee is determined by the Organization Comitee according to the competitions regulations.
  2. The participants wear clean karate uniforms. A symbol of the school or style can be marked.
  3. Nails should be cut short, and there should not be any extraneous subjects on legs or arms.
  4. The sportsmen gather in the gym where the weigh-in takes place.
  5. If the index of the weigh category is different from the one declared, the sportsman is immediately disqualified.
  6. The organizers of the competition are not responsible for any injuries made or received by competitors, or for incidents during the competition. These acts are recorded in special reports by the competitors themselves.
  7. The membership fee is not refunded in case of refusal to participate.
  8. The participants also provide the information about their health and the insurance against accidents.







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